M. S. & Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

M. S. & Carbon Steel Seamless PipeM. S. & carbon steel seamless pipe refers to mild steel carbon seamless pipe. It is fabricated by using It contains low percentage carbon less than 0.25%. As m. s. & carbon steel seamless pipe is made from carbon steel they can easily be soldered and transformed in any shapes and sizes for plumbing purposes. These pipes are usually layered with other metals, paints, varnish to prevent it from corrosion.


Stainless Steel Families

Stainless steel contains at least 11% chromium of mass. By adding other elements like Ni (Nickel), Mo (Molybdenum), Mn (Manganese), Ti (Titanium) and V (Vanadium) and many more, properties of stainless steel will be changed. This generates more than fifty different grades of stainless steel which used in making of various stainless steel products.Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Each one of the grades is classified into five stainless steel families includes austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic and precipitation hardening. From these list ss 304 and ss 316 is widely used in manufacturing of stainless steel seamless pipe and tube.